The FIRST Canada Online Help Desk is a service where FRC teams can ask for assistance and team support at any time and receive a timely and informed response. This service is provided by FIRST Hall of Fame Team 1114, and is offered 24/7 throughout the year, with a maximum 24 hour response time during the six week build season and 72 hour response during the rest of the year. Teams can ask detailed questions on any FRC related topics, including, but not limited to:
  • Robot design
  • Strategic advice
  • Understanding the rules (although any official rule clarifications must come via the FIRST Q&A)
  • FRC Programming
  • Robot troubleshooting
  • Souring materials and parts
  • Team organization
  • Event logistics
  • Awards & Judging (especially the Chairman's Award)
  • Use of FIRST Choice credits
  • Choosing event priorities

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